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CTE software is designed for testing of Electro Optical imaging Systems including thermal, day, laser, and detector level . CI Systems' hardware, together with its CTE integrated test software, provides the basic platform for electro optical testing in a known and reliable test environment CI-Systems has a bank of more than 200 different tests that are available and can be adapted per customer's needs

1 CTE Options CTE Main Window
2 CTE Options CTE Device Center
3 CTE Options Setup DCF file for Matrox Intellicam
4 CTE Options Device Center, Saving and Restoring Settings
5 CTE Options Device Center, Vision Window options
6 CTE Options User Account Management
7 CTE Options Moving the source Linear Stage
8 CTE Options Rotating the Target Wheel
9 CTE Options Changing a target
10 CTE Options Database Editing
11 EO Test MTF Live Test
12 EO Test MTF with VIS/SWIR Imager
13 EO Test MTF with IR Imager
14 EO Test NETD Test with IR Imager
15 EO Test SiTF Test with IR Imager
16 EO Test 3D-Noise Test with IR Imager
17 EO Test MRTD, Subjective with IR Imager
18 EO Test Resolution Test with VIS/SWIR imager
19 EO Test SNR test with VIS/SWIR Imager
20 EO Test Uniformity Test with VIS/SWIR Imager


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