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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing


Scanning Infrared Gas Camera

CI Systems’ GAS-5000 is a scanning infrared gas camera. It identifies hazardous multi-gas clouds in urban areas from a distance of few kilometers. Real time and spatial gas detection alert is achieved by visualizing the gas in the scene. The GAS-5000 analyzes the cloud incoming infrared radiation and identifies the specific hazardous gas fingerprint. The results are visualized by a video image, overlaid by the hazardous gas cloud contour. Based on 35 years of experience in remote sensing applications, the GAS-5000 is a reliable remote gas imager.


Feature Highlight

  • Automatic real-time gas identification
  • Long-range detection
  • Low gas detection limits



Robust Detection

The GAS-5000 analyses the information from each one of the pixels in the scene to distinguish between the gas fingerprint and other objects based on the infrared spectral signature. As such, the GAS-5000 indicates about true occurrences.

Simple Assessment

Untrained operators can easily use the GAS-5000 and maximize its capabilities. After selecting an area to examine, by drawing a frame in the video image, the GAS-5000 will automatically scan and identify the hazardous gas.

Simple Interpretation

Once the GAS-5000 indicates hazardous gas existence, red dots on the user interface will indicate the gas cloud contour.

360 Surveillance and User-Defined Operation

he GAS-5000 is mounted on a rotating stage and can be turned in manner of seconds to observe a suspected area in the scene.

Complete Documentation of Observations

The GAS-5000 documents the findings and it can be used to better understand the emergency event after the danger no longer exists or to learn the history of repeated occurrences in fixed field of view configuration.


GAS-5000 is a single field of view spectroradiometer with a two-dimensional mirror scanner on the front optics to gather two-dimensional scene information. A hyperspectral image of the scene is built by rotating the CVF in synchronization with the mirror scanner and by recording the signals of a cryogenically cooled detector. The spectrum of each pixel is then compared with a library of gas spectra previously stored in memory by specially developed algorithms, and an enhanced gas cloud image is then displayed on the GAS-5000’s screen. The system can be transported and installed in different locations according to need. The CVF technology and CI Systems’ vast experience in optical instrumentation for field use insures highest reliability.


Gas Imaging

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Spectral range  2.3 - 14um
Spectral resolution < 2% of wavelength
Spectral rate 20 spectra per secound
NEDT 10mk
iFOV 7 mrad
Area of surveillance 300 x 60
Ingress protection IP 67
Weight 30kg (optical head)
Power 100W