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Setting new standards in EO testing


Calibrating Electro Optical Test Equipment with Blackbodies

26 June, 2017 Electro optical test equipment has many different functions within the field of aviation. Gain an appreciation for how these tools are made and calibrated. More...

A Brief Overview of Integrating Sphere Coatings

14 May, 2017 An overview of the coating materials used inside integrating spheres for optical power measurement. More...

History and applications of remote sensing

13 April, 2017 Definition of remote sensing it's history, applications and the types of data gathered More...

Today's Practical Applications of Integrating Spheres

16 March, 2017 For over a hundred years, integrating spheres have been the dominant instrument in measuring light accurately More...

Black body Radiation Sources and Selection

20 February, 2017 Black body radiation is a process in which an object emits visible and invisible electromagnetic radiation based on its temperature relative to its surrounding. The radiations can be used in a variety of applications, including security producing light, heat as well as object detection and security. More...

Fundamental Applications of Integrating Spheres

25 January, 2017 What are the ways that integrating spheres increase the accuracy in the measurement of light waves? More...

Integrating Sphere Coating Materials and Ports

8 January, 2017 The integrating sphere is a light flux measurement device, with a wide range of applications dictated by the reflective material sphere’s inner surfaces, number of ports and accessories. More...

What are the applications of the Integrating Sphere

21 December, 2016 The integrating sphere is a flux radiance measurement apparatus. It is used for radiometry and photometry of optical radiation sources and spectrometry of illuminated material samples More...

Testing and Measurement Applications of Integrating Sphere

17 November, 2016 An integrating sphere can be used for direct measurement of flux produced by lamps and lasers. Utilizing the port opening of this optical element allows it to be used for applications that require a uniform source diffuse. More...

The Versatile Capabilities of Integrating Spheres

28 September, 2016 The uses and the application of integrating sphere. More...

Finding the Right Integrating Spheres for Your Application

20 September, 2016 Picking just the right integrating spheres for your application is the tricky part made more so by the availability of a number of different specifications and configurations. More...
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