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Advanced Weapon Boresight - AWBS

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The AWBS is an electro-optical boresight tool, used for accurately aligning guns to the sighting system.

The AWBS utilizes a video camera to allow a single user to align a weapon to a sight from the safety of the gunner’s post.

The AWBS provides an easy to use, accurate, fast and reliable tool for boresighting, yielding a high first round hit probability.

The ease of use of the AWBS minimizes the time required to perform boresighting and maximizes the convenience and the frequency of the procedure.

It's rugged design retains the accuracy of the AWBS over a wide range of environmental conditions. The outstanding features, flexibility and versatility of the AWBS make it the perfect solution for boresighting.



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  • Based on a high resolution CCD camera
  • Electronically generated and adjustable cross hair
  • Fits various barrel diameters via interchangeable rods
  • No focusing required at the operating range
  • Insensitive to environmental temperature
  • May Interface with existing displays in a vehicle
  • Operates under severe field environment
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Semi Automatic calibration
  • Rod deflection compensation (7.62 & 12.7mm rods) 
  • Ruggedized monitor, available video formats:
    PAL / NTSC / ETHERNET (other upon request)) 
  • Unified Electronic Unit and Monitor 
  • Ruggedized battery pack
  • Customer may use his own gun interface
  • Interface to customer’s fire control system without the use of an electronic unit 
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