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Advanced Weapon Boresight - AWBS

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The AWBS is an electro-optical boresight tool, used for accurately aligning guns to the sighting system.

The AWBS utilizes a video camera to allow a single user to align a weapon to a sight from the safety of the gunner’s post.

The AWBS provides an easy to use, accurate, fast and reliable tool for boresighting, yielding a high first round hit probability.



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  • Based on a high resolution CCD camera
  • Electronically generated and adjustable cross hair
  • Fits various barrel diameters via interchangeable rods
  • No focusing required at the operating range
  • Insensitive to environmental temperature
  • May Interface with existing displays in a vehicle
  • Operates under severe field environment
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Semiautomatic calibration
  • Rod deflection compensation (7.62 & 12.7mm rods) 
  • Ruggedized monitor, available video formats:
    PAL / NTSC / ETHERNET (other upon request)) 
  • Unified Electronic Unit and Monitor 
  • Ruggedized battery pack
  • Customer may use his own gun interface
  • Interface to customer’s fire control system without the use of an electronic unit 
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