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Multi Sensor Tester

CI Systems has developed a unique and comprehensive solution to the rquirement of testing E-O systems and payloads containing a number of sensors and lasers. CI’s multi-sensor testers are user-friendly systems containing all the hardware and software needed to provide the performance information of all E-O instrumentation present in a payloadThe instruments tested are listed below:

  • Infrared imagers (FLIR’s)
  • SWIR camera
  • Day TV camera
  • Laser range Finders
  • Laser designators
  • Laser marker

A multi-sensor tester is a test bench typically comprising radiation sources, targets, collimator, laser sensors and software for automatic testing and data analysis.

Payload Testing

  • Payload's imagers testing. A payload tester includes a collimator, such as one of a METS series, with a clear aperture large enough to cover at once all sensors’ apertures. Since some payloads include day and night tracking, a visible as well as a blackbody and SWIR radiation source such as CI Systems' customized integrating sphere and SR-800R blackbody are used.
  • Payload's laser testing. A special module is added to the collimator to test the major laser specifications. In addition, this module enables Boresight measurement/alignment of each of the lines of sight of the FLIR, SWIR and the visible camera with the laser and the FLIR, SWIR and visible camera between themselves (Boresight). The Variable Range Simulator (VRS) is a compact module that simulates a wide range of target distances and is used to test a Laser Range Finder‘s (LRF) operation.
  • Automatic test software. CI offers a fast and convenient solution to test the operability of a payload EO system: a large number of tests can be pre-programmed to cover the night (FLIR, SWIR), day (TV camera) and laser parameters of the system, so that the tests are done automatically in a pre-established succession, including a standard report. MTF, MRTD, TOD, MDTD, NETD, SiTF, FOV, resolution, boresight, laser ranging, beam profile, laser pulse rate and energy, are examples of the parameters that can be tested with CI’s turnkey software.


FLIR Tests

SWIR Tests

Day Camera Tests

Laser Tests

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