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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

SR-5000N Spectroradiometer


The SR-5000N IR spectroradiometer is the result of the latest new redesign of the SR 5000, the CI Systems’ flagship product for the last 35 years. The SR 5000N spectroradiometer measures the spectral signatures of objects from a distance which can vary from a few meters to many kilometers. The measurements can be done either spectrally, yielding radiance as function of wavelength or radiometrically to obtain radiance as function of time. The SR5000N is the ideal spectroradiometer for research applications of Remote Sensing, due to the wide spectral range covered (from UV to LWIR), the high sensitivity of the cooled detectors used in the system, and the accuracy of the radiometric calibration based on our state-of-the-art blackbodies. Some instrument parameters (such as field of view, focusing distance, measurement time and others) can be controlled by the user so that, together with the user friendly interface, the work becomes efficient and easy.

Typical applicationsOptionsSignal processingSpecificationsAdvantages

Calibration and testing of

Development and production of

Monitoring and measurement of

  • FLIR test systems
  • Electro-Optical simulators
  • Electro-Optical sources
  • Electro-Optical jammers
  • Materials
  • Camouflage materials
  • Electro-Optical countermeasures
  • Electro-Optical jammers
  • Rocket engines
  • Jet engines
  • Electro-Optical heat seekers
  • Electro-Optical sensors
  • Atmospheric transmission
  • Temperature
  • Emissivity
  • Reflectivity
  • Moisture content
  • Air pollution
  • Gas burning by-products
  • Combustion processes
  • Automatic self-calibration
  • Real-time data analysis and display
  • Rapid scan rates
  • Integrated with imaging system
  • Spectral mode measurements (radiance vs. wavelength)
  • Radiometric mode measurements (radiance vs. time)
  • Modern Software
  • Accurate even for measurements of objects that are at ambient temperatures
  • Signal averaging for improved sensitivity
  • Mathematical computation with spectral data
  • Transient analysis of rapidly occuring events
  • 3-D plots (radiance vs. time and wavelength)
  • Spectral emissivity measurement
  • Effective temperature measurement
  • Countermeasures analysis

FOV Options

7.5 mrad (NFOV), 5 deg (MFOV), 10 deg (WFOV) and 20 deg (VWFOV)

Focusing range


Short-Range-Focus: 1-2 meters

Mid-Range-foucus: 1.5-4 meters

Long-Range-Focus: 2.8 meters to infinity

1 meter to infinity for all the other optics

Spectral range

0.2 to 14.3 µm

Spectral resolution

<3nm in the 0.2-1.0 µm band

<2% of wavelength in the 1.0-14.2 µm band

Spectral Scan Rate

Various scan rates of up to 50 spectrums/sec

Aiming and focus

integrated CCD and LCD display

Noise Performance

Example; 5 mK for an InSb detector at 5.0 µm, 1 Hz bandwidth,
100 deg C blackbody

  • High sensitivity
  • High accuracy
  • Wide spectral band (UV to IR)
  • High Reliability
  • Modular system
  • Usable in laboratory or field
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