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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Wide Field of View Collimators

Wide Field of View Collimator
Wide Field of View Collimator

The wide field of view IR test collimator, is used to test thermal imagers in their wide field of view mode of operation. Typical applications include navigational FLIR’s and commercial imagers.

CI’s unique compact WFOV is a refractive IR collimator combined with an accurate IR source (CI’s SR 800-2D) and a target wheel. The WFOV provides the means to perform IR testing such as; MTF, NETD, MRTD etc.

Blackbody temperature and target wheel position can be manually controled using the blackbody controler or using a computer via the IEEE-488 or RS232 communication. The WFOV is fully compatible with CI’s Automatic FLIR Test Software.

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  • Low cost
  • High optical quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy to align
  • Automatic testing capability
  • High resolution option available



Spectral Range

8-12µm or 3-5µm 

 3-5µm HR







Clear Aperture

Ø100 mm

 ø70 mm


100 mm

 100 mm


3 cy/mrad @ 8-12µm

 8 cy/mard


3 cy/mrad @ 3-5µm



SR800 Differential Blackbody

Control modes

Differential and absolute

Differential temperature range

-25°C to +100°C

Absolute temperature range

0°C to 125°C

Resolution of setting an readout


Differential temp. accuracy

0.008C@  ∆<25C, 0.015C@  ∆>25C whichever is greatest


Target Wheel

Target wheel

Motorized, remotely controled

Number of targets

Up to 12 plates

Control unit

19” rack mountable

Optical head dimensions

260mm x 260mm x 170mm (WxLxH)

Operating temperature

10°C to +35°C


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