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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

FLIR Camera Testing

CI Systems’ FLIR turn-key test stations are used to carry out all the necessary tests to verify and compare the quality of an infrared/thermal camera.The FLIR test systems are based on CI Systems' NIST traceable blackbody radiation sources, collimators and special thermally controlled targets designed to provide very accurate IR test patterns. All these combine to project standard patterns with known geometry and intensity to the Unit Under Test (UUT). The hardware, combined with control, data handling and user interface software is the complete solution for the infrared/thermal camera testing needs.


CI Systems' NIST traceable Blackbodies are state of the art , highly accurate and stable with different standard sizes and temperature ranges. Whether standalone or system integrated, pick and choose your extended area blackbodies or cavity blackbodies to meet your needs. Supports a wide range of accessories.

Common FLIR Tests

CI Systems' hardware together with its integrated test software provide the basic platform for electro-optical testing in a known reliable test environment. The MTF, NETD, SiTF, MRTD and Uniformity tests provide the necessary tools to determine the imager performance. Other tests are available upon request to complete the required testing of the UUT.

IR Compact Field Tester

CI Systems has a wide range of field testers to easily test and approve FLIR systems in the field. These systems include compact Field IR test collimators that easily lets the operator test and approve FLIR systems without having to dismantle the Unit Under Test (UUT) from the combat vehicle.


CI Systems provides a wide range of collimators with various apertures and focal length. For a wide spectral band ranging from the visible, via the SWIR, MWIR up to the LWIR, CI Systems' collimators deliver high on-axis performance without obscuration. Ideally suited as part of an optical test bench and with CI Systems' test software provides a wide range of applications, such as, automated FLIR, CCD, LASER and Boresight testing on the production floor, lab or depot.

Infrared Targets

CI Systems has extensive experience and state of the art manufacturing capabilities to provide a wide range of IR-targets and Visible targets for the electro-optical test systems. The IR targets are highly accurate and manufactured to produce high emissivity on the target side. CI Systems specializes in manufacturing targets that can be adapted to any electro-optical system, within the operating spectral bandwidth.

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