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IR Imager Testing

METS Electro-Optical Tester


CI Systems offers a range of Test Stations for Electro-Optical (E-O) systems such as Multi Sensor Systems and Payloads.

The Test Stations are built to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for all the testing needs of the E-O system’s sensors.

These stations are based on MIL-Standard test equipment suitable for use throughout all stages of the UUT's life cycle. All tests are performed by a single turnkey E-O test station.

The test systems are based on CI Systems' NIST traceable blackbody radiation sourcescollimators and special thermally controlled targets designed to provide very accurate IR test patterns.

The CTE software is designed for testing E-O imagers, E-O detectors and Lasers. CI Systems' hardware, together with its CTE integrated test software, provides the basic platform for electro-optical testing in a known and reliable test environment.

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