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CFT - Compact Field Tester

The CFT (Compact Field Tester) is a compact, lightweight, self-contained camera test system supporting the IR or Visible spectral ranges. The CFT units are designed for use in a laboratory environment and outdoors in a field environment.

The CFT is available is two configurations: 

  • The CFT-IR for testing infrared systems.
  • The CFT-VIS for testing visible camera systems. 

They house a lens-based (refractive) collimator, energy source (blackbody or visible light), and one or more targets, all in single compact, man-portable unit.

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    Main Features:  CFT-IR

  • Portable, compact and lightweight
  • Four user-settable differential temperatures
  • Motorized or manual target wheel with five targets
  • Automated NIST-traceable calibration (*)
  • Ethernet or RS232 communication for temperature and target wheel remote control
  • Full MRTD testing with a PC interface (optional)

   Main Features: CFT-VIS

  • Portable, compact and lightweight
  • Capable of projecting a variety of visible targets
  • Various visible light sources are available


(*) “NIST”: National Institute of Standards and Technology


IR  Spectral Band

Visible Spectral Band






Spectral band options

3-5 µm or  8-12 µm

3-5 µm or  8-12 µm

400-1000 nm

400-1000 nm

Clear Aperture

Ø 48 mm (1.9”)

Ø 125 mm (4.9”)

50.8 mm (2")

75 mm (2.95")

Effective Focal Length

250 mm (~ 10”)

500 mm (~ 19.7")

200 mm (~ 8")

(See note 10)

335 mm (~ 13.2")

(See note 10)

Field of View



5.0 cy/mrad @ 3-5µm,
3.5 cy/mrad @ 8-12µm

6 cy/mrad

10 cy/mrad


90% Average

95% Average

Blackbody Differential Temp.

-2.5 °C to +20 °C     (See note 4)


Blackbody Accuracy

±0.05°C (minimum)

or  ±0.01 x ΔT (the greater of the two)


Blackbody Stability




Illumination Uniformity



Weight [kg]

3.5 kg

4.8 kg

2 kg

10 kg

Dimensions [cm]  (see note 2)

43L x 17W x 22H

45L x 19W x 22H

Ø 6dia. x 28L

50L x 13W x 16H

Operating Temperature

-20 to +50°C

-20 to +40°C

-10 to +35°C

-20 to +50°C

Storage Temperature

-40 to +70 °C

Input Power

20-30 VDC


(for reference only)





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