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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

IR Compact Field Tester

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CI Systems offers to its customers a wide range of  products to easily test and approve/reject FLIR based systems in the field. These products are based on compact and rugged IR sources and collimators that easily let the operator make go-no-go decisions without having to dismantle the Unit Under Test (UUT) from the combat vehicle.

More information
  • Portable, compact and lightweight
  • Motorized / manual (4) differential temperatures set by the user
  • Motorized / manual target wheel with five targets
  • Refractive collimator
  • Automated calibration traceable to NIST
  • RS232 communication for temperature and remote control
  • Full MRTD testing with a PC interface (optional)
  • Optional remote control unit




Effective Focal Length

252 mm (approx. 10”)

500 mm (approx. 19.7")

Clear Aperture

48 mm (1.9”) diameter

125 mm (4.9”) diameter

Spectral band

3-5 microns or 8-12 microns

Blackbody Differential Temperature

-2.5°C to 20°C

Blackbody Accuracy

±0.01°C x DT or ±0.05°C (which ever is greater)

Blackbody Stability



90% Average


5Cy/mrad @ 3-5m, 3.5cy/mrad @8-12m

Target Definition


Field of View


3.5 kg

4.8 kg

Operational Temperature

-20 to +40°C

-20 to +40°C

Input Power

20-30 VDC

Physical Size

430 L x 170 W x 220 H mm

452 L x 193 W x 216 H mm

Mechanical Interface to Unit under Test

Manufactured by CI System on request