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Application Note: Rifle Scope Test System

CI Systems has been a leading designer and builder of instruments and turnkey stations for testing and aligning electro-optical (EO) systems, facilitating measurements in both visible and thermal bands. This includes target projectors for laboratory, depot, and field applications.

The CI Systems Riflescope Tester is a compact, user-friendly system. It is designed for production testing, alignment and focusing of Vis riflescopes with collimator optics optimized for the Vis spectral wavelength band of 400-700nm.

Additional Tests that the Rifle Scope Test System allows: Live MTF, Contrast, Resolution, Clip-On Thermal imager for IR Sight (optional).


The Perfect Tool for Testing and Calibrating Your Rifle Scope


Rifle scope test system - 1_20240709144040.573.JPG

Friendly user software for automatic testing

rifle scope test system - software_20240709144617.224.jpg

For more information
  • Eyepiece camera used to simulate the human eye
  • Quick-mount Clip-On fixture for the Rifle Scope
  • High-quality optical system with wide FOV collimator and a visible radiation source.
  • Motorized target wheel with various target plates and a mechanism for variable distance projection.
  • User-Friendly CTE Software for automatic testing
  • Simulation of target distances from 50m to infinity
  • Adaptation to NVG (Night Vision Goggle) – Optional
  • Real-time contrast and MTF measurements
  • Live contrast module displays reticle sharpness
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