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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

SWIR Camera Testing

CI systems SWIR turn-key test stations simulate low light conditions to test special application cameras. An intuitive user friendly software carries out a variety of tests. The test stations are radiometrically calibrated to perform comprehensive SWIR tests.

SWIR Radiation Sources

CI Systems provides SWIR radiation sources tailored to meet the customer's needs. Based on the Integrating sphere as the basis for the sources' high uniformity a range of sources are supplied. These include low light intensity as well as high light intensity units with either manual or motorized control of the light intensity, filter adaptors, and remote control of the sources.

Common SWIR Test

CI Systems' hardware together with its integrated test software provide the basic platform for electro-optical testing in a known reliable test environment. Basic tests, such as, MTF, Resolution, Dynamic Range, SNR, FOV provide the necessary tools to determine the imager performance.

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