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SWIR & Day Imagers Testing

SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) imagers present a challenge to manufacturers and users who need to ensure that their products produce high quality images and deliver long-term reliability. 

It is therefore critical that SWIR imagers be tested by manufacturers and by users:

  • For manufacturers - on the production floor - to ensure they achieve a high yield score.
  • For users - pre-installation and post-installation periodic testing is critical to ensure their SWIR imagers are producing images at the quality and resolution they expect.

The CI systems SWIR turn-key test stations simulate low light environmental conditions to test special-application cameras.

The test stations are radiometrically calibrated to perform comprehensive SWIR tests using intuitive, user-friendly test software.

CI Systems provides SWIR radiation sources tailored to meet the customer's needs. A range of sources is provided for testing with the Integrating Sphere serving as the basis for the sources' high uniformity.

These include low light intensity units and high light intensity units with either manual or motorized control of the light intensity closed-loop, filter adaptors, and remote control of the sources.

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