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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Laser Testing

CI Systems provides laser testing with a wide range of laser testers, whether stand-alone systems, such as Depot Field Laser Tester, Depot Laser Tester or integrated in a multi-sensor electro-optical test bench. These testers can also be integrated with CI Systems' standard Laser Tester software and PC package to serve as the necessary testing tool for a larger system comprising a Laser Range Finder, Laser Marker and Laser Designator. 

Common Laser Testing

Common Laser Tests

CI Systems provides standard laser testing for characterizing the laser unit under test. These include range simulation, energy/power, pulse repetition rate, pulse width, and beam divergence
Laser Range Finder and Designator Laser Testing

Laser Range Finder and Designator Testers

CI Systems provides laser testing modules based on the Depot Level Tester Series. These are fast, reliable and easy to operate systems. This series is either lab or field based and tests the major characteristics of the laser module being tested, such as range simulation, energy, beam profiling and temporal characteristics.
Range Simulation

Range Simulation

CI Systems provides either a static range simulator or a variable range simulator to provide a wide range solution to Laser Range Finder Testing. Multiple wavelengths are supported. For simple needs the static range simulator can provide a limited number of pre-defined ranges.

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