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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Laser Range Finder and Designator Testers

CI Systems Depot Level Testers is a versatile electro-optical test bench capable of characterizing the operation of your LASER. The DLT tests all the parameters of the laser range finders and laser designators. This includes energy, pulse width, pulse repetition (PRF), beam profiling (beam divergence), multiple range simulation, receiver sensitivity and more. With CI Systems's automated test software, operating the DLT is streamlined and effective and easy to use. The DLT supports either CW or Pulse mode Laser modules and includes LASER designators as well as LASER Range Finders. The DLT is modular and is configurable to your needs. A Variable Electronic Range simulator providing a wide simulation range or a multiple range simulator can be integrated into the tester for the Laser Range Finder. We have the right system for you.



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