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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Electro-Optical Test Systems

CI provides test benches (or stations) for Electro-Optical (E-O) systems composed of multiple sensors (or channels). These benches are built to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for all the sensors' testing needs of the E-O system in question. These stations are based on MIL-Standard test equipment that can be used in all stages of the UUT's life cycle.  All or some of the tests listed below can be performed by a single E-O turn-key station. 

SWIR Camera Testing

CI systems' SWIR turn-key test stations simulates low light conditions to test special application cameras. An intuitive user friendly software carries out a variety of tests. The test stations are radiometrically calibrated to perform comprehensive SWIR tests.

FLIR Camera Testing

CI Systems’ FLIR turn-key test stations carry out all the necessary tests to verify and compare the quality of an infrared/thermal camera. The FLIR test systems are based on CI Systems' NIST traceable blackbody radiation sources, collimators and special thermally controlled targets, designed to provide very accurate IR test patterns. All these combine to project standardized targets with known geometry and intensity to the Unit Under Test(UUT).

Day Camera Testing

CI Systems' CCD test stations are used to carry out all the necessary tests to verify and compare the quality of a CCD based camera. These stations are based on CI Systems' reflective collimators, Visible Radiation Sources, special targets and integrated software, to project standard patterns with known geometry and intensity to the Unit Under Test. As a result, these stations are turnkey solutions for the CCD camera testing needs.

Laser Testing

CI Systems provides a wide range of laser testers, whether stand-alone systems, such as Depot Field Laser Tester, Depot Laser Tester or integrated in a multi-sensor electro-optical test bench. These testers can also be integrated with CI Systems' standard Laser Tester software and PC package to serve as the necessary testing tool for a larger system comprising a Laser Range Finder, Laser Marker and Laser Designator.

Detector Testing

CI Systems' Optical Test benches are especially built to test many types of detector arrays used as the sensors of a camera, from visible to far infrared ranges. With CI Systems' expert know-how, these test benches can be tailored to a customer's design requirements. MTF, spectral response, crosstalk, NETD and sensitivity are some of the basic parameters that can be tested with CI's Optical Test benches during the design, manufacturing and integration of detector arrays.

Boresight Testing

CI Systems provides different types of boresighting capabilities, such as
  • Line of Sight Boresighting
  • Mission Ready Boresighting
  • Mechanical to Optical Alignment
  • Missile Warning System Testers

    CI Systems provides a wide range of Missile Warning System (MWS) testers that can accurately simulate approaching threat signatures in the IR / Dual IR / UV /SWIR wavebands. These test systems can also test the MWS evaluation and acquisition of targets, tracking, and the performance of countermeasures. Also available is an infrared target simulator that projects an IR scene (background, target, and flare).

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