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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Missile Warning System Testers

CI Systems provides a wide range of Missile Warning Testers. Accurately simulating approaching missile radiation signature in the IR / Dual IR / UV /SWIR. Testing of missile guidance systems to evaluate target acquisition, tracking and performance with countermeasures. Infrared target simulator with IR scene (background, target and flare) Remote Sensing devices for measuring spectral radiance of sources in field and lab.


Flightline and Field Testers

CI Systems' Compact Lab/depot/Field missile signal simulators provide a go/no go approach to mission ready missile warning systems. These hand held units are programmable to provide the required IR signal signature required to test the missile warning system counter measures. UV/SWIR/SINGLE/DUAL testers are available.

Long Range Simulators

CI Systems' long range IR simulators provide a low cost alternative to live testing of MWS and countermeasure deployment of aircraft by simulating approaching missile engine radiation in the field. Dual band simulation helps assure accurate detection/rejection

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