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Common Tests for IR Imagers


CI Systems hardware together with its integrated software provide the basic platform for a known and reliable electro-optical test environment.

Standard algorithms for MTF, NETD, SiTF, MRTD and Uniformity testing are available in the provided software, they are necessary tools to determine the imager performance. Additional algorithms are available upon request if required for your specific Unit Under Test (UUT).


Common tests performed on Thermal Imagers

    • Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference (MRTD)
    • Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD)
    • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
    • Signal Transfer Function (SiTF)
    • Line of Sight retention (LOS)
    • Uniformity

Other tests performed on thermal imagers - optional 

    • Minimum Detectable Temperature Deference (MDTD)
    • Amplitude Modulation at Optimal Phase (AMOP)
    • Triangle Orientation Discrimination (TOD)
    • Noise Power Spectral Density (NPSD)
    • Instantaneous Field of View (IFOV)
    • Single to Noise Ratio (SNR)
    • Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN)
    • Field Of View (FOV)
    • Pre-sampled MTF
    • TRM3 Tests
    • 3-D Noise
    • 1/F Noise
    • Distortion 
    • Blooming

Please contact us for other FLIR tests.

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