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CTE Software

CTE software is designed for testing of Electro-Optical imaging Systems including thermal, day, laser, and detector level.

CI Systems' hardware, together with its CTE integrated test software, provides the basic platform for electro-optical testing in a known and reliable test environment.

Common tests in CTE for FLIR Imagers

MTF, NETD, SiTF, MRTD (subjective and objective), Uniformity, FOV, Distortion, Resolution, SNR

Common tests in CTE for SWIR Imagers

MTF, Minimum Resolvable Contrast (MRC), Uniformity, Resolution, SNR, Dynamic range

Common tests in CTE for Visible Imagers

Gray level (linearity), Dynamic Range, 3D noise, Blooming, Distortion, FOV, IFOV

Common tests in CTE for Lasers

Laser Energy/Power, Laser PRF, Period, Laser Divergence,Laser Range Simulation

**CI-Systems has a bank of more than 200 different tests that are available and can be adapted per customer’s needs.

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