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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Boresight Testing

Line of Sight Boresighting

CI Systems provides different types of boresighting capabilities. Boresighting can be done between any two channels, such as, FLIR to LASER, CCD to LASER, and FLIR to CCD. Even single sensor Imagers can be tested between the FOVs. Testing is integrated into the Collimator Test Bench Systems.

Advanced Weapon Optical Boresight System (O-AWBS)

The O-AWBS is an Optical Boresight system for accurately aligning guns and sights.
The O-AWBS utilizes an optical system to allow a user to align a weapon to a sight.
The O-AWBS provides an accurate, fast and reliable tool for boresighting, yielding a high first round hit probability.

Because of its rugged design, the O-AWBS retains its accuracy in a wide range of environmental conditions; making it a superior instrument for boresighting.

Mission Ready Boresighting

The CBU is a compact boresighting tool for multi-sensor payloads. A field-ready device, the CBU provides quick Line of Sight (LOS) verification of day/night and thermal sensors with respect to an on-board Laser Range Finder (LRF), Designator or Pointer.

Mechanical to Optical Alignment

CI Systems provides mechanical to optical alignment jigs customized to the UUT mechanical interface or axis. These include LOS alignment between the UUT and the Optical Test Bench. CI also manufactures field boresight units that supply reliable and accurate electro-optical boresight for weapon systems at yield a high first round hit probability.

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