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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

IR Targets

CI manufactures state-of-the-art IR targets for E-O test systems and offers laser micromachining per customizes customer's requests.

Type of targetsTarget dimensions
  • Bar targets for MRTD testing
  • Square targets for NETD and SiTF
  • Slit targets for MTF testing
  • Cross targets for alignment and boresighting
  • Pinholes for MDTD and line of sights boresight testing
  • Customized targets per customer request


Target  Minimal dimension  Tolerances Emissivity 
4 Bar 25µm ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
Slit 25µm ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
Pinhole 15µm ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
Square 25µm ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
Cross 25µm ±5% 0.97 ±0.02
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