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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Variable Range Simulator

The VRS - Variable Range Simulator is a tool for range simulation and testing of laser range finders (LRFs) for functionality and accuracy. The VRS can test LRFs operating in any waveband, up to two wavebands in the same VRS. The VRS can simulate pulse width, power per pulse, and range - all predefined by the user. The simulator can be activated by firing the laser or by an external electronic trigger. Multiple objects can be simulated for testing range, gating or minimum distance between objects.Manually load/change sequences allowing the user to test the LRF with various changes within the returned signal transmitted from the VRS.

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  • Simulate ranges, laser pulse width and energy per pulse

  • Operate in either a static or dynamic target simulation mode

  • Superior ranging accuracy

  • Adjustable LRF beam location

  • PC controlled

  • Laser for alignment via a visible channel

  • Dynamic targets can be simulated with up to 15,000 lines stored in one CSV file

  • Select up to three independent laser sources/wavelengths

  • Multiple target simulation






850 nm to 1570 nm (up to 3 wavelengths per VRS unit)

Input trigger types   

Single laser pulse available at any wavelengths between 850 nm to 1570 nm



Range simulation

120 m - 30 km

 80 m - 60 km

Range accuracy

±1 m

 ±0.5 m

Range resolution

1 m

 0.5 m
Pulse width

12 - 80 nsec

 6 - 160 nsec
Pulse width accuracy

±1 nsec

Laser power output

20 mW @ fiber end (other optional)

Dynamic output power range

20 dB (non-linear) electronic control (optical filters can be added by the user)

Laser power output Resolution

0.1 dB

Communication type

RS-232, USB communication by serial adaptor

Operation modes

Static target simulation


Up to two targets


 Up to three targets



Dynamic Target Simulation

Up to two targets

Pulse Rate

4.8 kHz (max)


Up to 15,000 lines stored in one file

Profile Format

  CSV profile upload

19" Rack mountable - 3U

19" Stand alone - 3U

Interlock Control Feature

"Dry contact" circuitry

Visible Alignment Laser

630 nm

Optic Fiber Holders Mechanical Jig


Input Power


110/220 VAC - 1.25 A

Operating temperature

0 ºC to 40 ºC

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