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A Concise Guide to Camera Testing Using Radiation Sources

16 August, 2017

Camera testing in the field of avionics requires the use of a range of different pieces of equipment, some of which rely upon the principles of black body radiation and thus involve integrating spheres. All three of the camera types considered below can be tested using such principles, but CCD-based day cameras may instead require a visible backlight. Take a look at the various electro-optical systems which can be tested and calibrated using specially designed test stations which examine the infrared and visible light sensors within.

What are the applications of the Integrating Sphere

An integrating sphere is an apparatus which is primarily designed to collect electromagnetic radiation from a source or sample and to measure its total optical power. The sphere consists of a spherical cavity with a highly reflective, but diffuse, interior surface and small apertures for the entry and exit of radiation.

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