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CI is known as the most trusted name in the field of Infrared and optical test equipment. Our products are found in every major IR laboratory in the world.  Our mission is to be the most cost effective and reliable supplier of electro-optics test equipment. Our goal is to supply the best service and applications support in the world.

CI Systems was founded in 1977 to commercialize advanced infrared (IR) remote sensing technology. Shortly after the company was founded CI became the leader in infrared spectroradiometry for remote sensing of the atmosphere, signature analysis and ground truth measurements.

In the 80’s CI Systems grew to include two divisions. The Electro-Optics (E-O) division develops and commercializes MIL-Standard E-O precision test equipment for all stages in the product life cycle including airborne built-in test equipment. Our products range from standard off-the-shelf instruments to customized electro-optical test systems. The semiconductor division develops and commercializes optical monitoring equipment for wafers and photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing. Its products include noncontact temperature monitors and liquid monitoring systems.

CI Systems has facilities for R&D, production, customer support and sales in Simi Valley, California and Migdal HaEmek, Israel. In addition CI has a sales service, support and manufacturing facility in Paris, France. CI Systems employs 150 workers, including a large percentage of physicists, chemists and engineers. The company sells in most Western and Far Eastern countries through agreements with local sales representatives.For more than 30 years we have never let our customers down. CI is a company to be counted on.

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