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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Flightline and Field Testers

CI Systems' Compact Lab/depot/Field missile signal simulators provide a go/no go approach to mission ready missile warning systems. These hand held units are programmable to provide the required IR Signal Signature required to test the missile warning system counter measures. UV/SWIR/SINGLE/DUAL testers are available.


The Ultra Vilot MSS is an addition to the flight-line missile warning systems (MWS) tester products. It shares the same simplicity and robustness implemented in the IR MSS model with 4 user-loaded profiles and full field functionality.


CI Systems' Missile Signal Simulator – Short Wave Infra-Red is a compact hand-held electro-optical simulator.
The MSS-SWIR enable the operator to test the readiness and performance as a routine test or close to take off as well as in the lab.

MSS-IR Single Band/Dual Band

CI Systems` Missile Signal Simulator (MSS) accurately simulates the radiation signature of up to four missile types in the flight line. The MSS is a compact hand-held and self-contained missile engine radiation plume simulator.

Collimated MSS

The Collimated MSS is a portable (optional battery powered) system for testing and calibrating the on board infrared missile warning system (MWS) mounted on a vehicle/ aircraft. The system is design to trigger the missile warning system by using an infrared collimated beam mounted and boresighted to a theodolite.
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