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TCam: Advanced Temperature Screening Camera

TCam is a compact and capable imaging system for industrial applications, an autonomous system for remote temperature measurements and imaging-based analysis in industrial applications.

TCam is a fully integrated system that includes a thermal imager, a visible imager and a powerful processor in one compact package.

Assistance in Automated Screening of Elevated Body Temperature

TCam is an autonomous system for remote temperature measurement that can be used as an indicative tool for measuring human temperature.

CI Systems has recently developed an application for Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) screening. This application follows the guidelines of the IEC 80601-2-59 directive.

  • High absolute accuracy and advanced real-time processing make TCam a reliable temperature measuring
    thermal imaging solution.
  • Follows the directives of IEC 80601-2-59 "Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of screening thermographs for human febrile temperature screening".
  • High-quality visible image output enables untrained users to easily interpret the results.
  • TCam implements proprietary calibration methods to achieve radiometric accuracy of +/- 0.3 deg C.
  • Stores a snapshot image of all people screened, including temperature data, organized by date and time.

Temperature Detection Technology


  • TCam automatically locates the tear duct, measures the temperature there, and presents the average result on a visible image display. This image is archived on the
    unit's internal storage. The monitoring process is performed in real time.
  • TCam automatically detects disturbances such as glasses or any other form of eye coverage.
  • TCam requires no additional PC or software for basic operation.
  • TCam comes ready for connection to LAN and Wifi network.

Temperature Detection Technology

TCam Integration Options

There are multiple modes of operation, ranging from a simple "traffic light" to full network integration.

TCam Integration Options

  • Options 1A and 1B are very simple to install, with no network infrastructure required.
    For these two options we recommend to order the optional alignment accessory (P/N A146641300).
  • Option 1A only requires a power outlet.
  • Option 1B needs an additional wireless network or wireless access point (no need to connect to the internet).
    A smartphone or tablet can be used to display TCam output.
  • Options 2A and 2B offer a higher level of integration, for sites with the available infrastructure. These options also
    provide the capability for a supervising operator to view results.
  • Option 2A is a direct connection between a PC and TCam (static IP). The PC will use an ONVIF client to display TCam output.

Temperature Screening with TCam


TCam is a non-medical device and it is the responsibility of the user to integrate it into the screening process.

TCam follows the guidelines of IEC 80601-2-59. This standard requires that a high resolution thermal image of the face is captured and the tear duct (Inner Canthi) is located. To achieve this goal, the screened person must stand close (2 meters) to TCam and reveal his/her eyes. It further requires proper alignment of the face with TCam.

The following is a step-by-step description of the process and the feedback the system gives during the process

Temperature Screening with TCam 

TCam Alignment

Proper alignment with TCam is necessary for an accurate measurement. The following drawing presents two alignment options:

TCam Alignment

*TCam is not a medical device and cannot be treated as such.
*TCam certification according to this standard is pending.

For more information

TCam is a compact, fully integrated system that does all its processing on-board without need for operator intervention.

  • Image processing based on fused images (Visible + Thermal)
  • A web based interface for settings, updates and downloads
  • A powerful image processor, with flexible software and algorithms, performing complex real-time analysis 
  • Multiple output options including ONVIF over LAN/Wi-Fi* and on-board 4-20 mAmp (to an alarm system)
  • On-board user-accessible storage
  • Best in class radiometric accuracy and precision 
  • Designed for indoors/outdoors use
  • Thermal imager spectral range: LWIR
  • Thermal imager format: QVGA
  • Thermal image IFOV: 0.5 mRad
  • Thermal Imager FOV: 9 X 6.9 deg
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5 deg K outdoors, +/- 0.3 deg K indoors
  • Noise: < 100 mK
  • Maximal object temperature (before saturation): 150 deg C
  • (Filters available for high temperature objects, up to 1000 deg C)
  • Thermal Imager Frame rate: < 9 Hz
  • Focus range for industrial applications: 2 meters to infinity
  • Vis imager format: FHD
  • Vis Imager FOV: 15.4 X 12.3 deg
  • Size: 86 X 140 X 85 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1.7 Kg
  • Power draw: 24 VDC, <1.2 Amp
  • Outputs: ONVIF, 4-20 mAmp
  • Connectivity: LAN/Wi-Fi*
  • Encapsulation: IP54 (IP65 Optional)
  • Installation Orientation: horizontal or vertical (1/4 -20  UNC tripod mount)
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +40 degrees C
  • Storage temperature: -40 to +80 degrees C
  • Wider FOV options available upon request  
  • *WiFi option FCC certified in USA only
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