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Application Note: NUC Tower

For Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) Testing & For High-volume Manufacturing of Infrared Imagers

Main Highlights

  • The CI Systems NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction) Tower is ideal for testing multiple cameras or detectors to obtain a high throughput of NUC tables, including ambient temperature reference.
  • A tower structure consisting of multiple UUT imagers along the surface of the array of Blackbodies, conducting the test automatically.

    Sketch to illustrate the direction of movement

    Nuc test tower - sketch to illustrate the direction of movement

  • Configuration (*):
  1. Fast NUC process at three different temperatures.
  2. Ten high-emissivity and uniformity blackbodies.
  3. Five high-emissivity and uniformity ambient plates used for radiometric compensation.

    Configuration can be changed
    to meet customer requirements.

  • System can be used inside or outside an environmental chamber.
  • The high-accuracy controllers ensure that all surfaces are within an accuracy better than 0.015°C.
  • All blackbody controllers are mounted in a standard 19” rack mount and communicate with one central PC.

    (*) Other quantities can be configured according to customer requirements


For enhancing throughput for high-volume manufacturing of IR imagers inside or outside an environmental chamber.

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