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Spectral Projector System

For IR Detectors and Integrated Optical Systems

CI Systems is proud to present the new line of Spectral Projectors for use in testing the spectral response of integrated optical systems and spectral D* of IR detectors.

The Spectral Projector System use our proprietary Circular Variable Filter (CVF) technology. The projector generates circular or square targets with rapid wavelength switching.

The Spectral Projector System can produce a collimated beam at any given clear aperture or a converging beam to create a high intensity spot.

The Spectral Projector System is based on a light source passed through the Circular Variable Filter. These thin-film-coated elements deliver a robust high-throughput alternative to monochromators and spectrographs. 


  • Exceptionally high throughput: Compared with standard monochromators.
  • High Reliability: The CVF thin film-coated elements offer a robust, reliable alternative to monochromators and spectrographs with a spectral resolution of 2% of the wavelength.
  • Spectral Wavelength Range: Typically 0.4-1.3 µm for VIS-NIR bands or 1.3-14.2 µm for IR (sub-ranges and different combinations are available upon request).
  • Output Units: The system is calibrated into radiometric units of Watt/cm².
  • Compact, Robust System: Requires no periodic calibrations.
  • Communication: Integration and control through a simple serial connection and open-source protocol.

 Image CVF assy _20220912125507.181_20230730154846.915.jpeg
CVF (Circular Variable Filters)


Spectral resolution

The spectral resolution is typically 2% of wavelength, the in-band transmission is high with excellent out-of-band blocking.

Apart from the high throughput, CVF-based spectral sources use larger output spot sizes (typically 2 mm diameter), which far exceed the size of the typical slit width produced by monochromators.

This provides two distinct advantages:

  • Further increases the overall system throughput.
  • Enables use of targets (such as 4-bar targets) for testing the performance of integrated imagers.

CI Systems offers spectral sources for multiple spectral bands, which can be custom integrated according to specific customer needs.

CI Systems is a leading IR Test System house and manufacturer of blackbody radiation sources, integrating spheres and collimator systems. We have been providing solutions tailored to customer needs for over four decades. 

: Normalized Emission Spectrum at 1200°c of CI Systems' Spectral Projector:

figure 3 (1)_20210224161944.741.png

Image: Spectral Specific Detectivity (D*) results:


figure 4 (1)_20210224162036.726.png

For more information


  • CI Systems’ Cavity Blackbody SR-200N-1” (Temperature range from 50°C to 1200°C)
  • Optional Source: CI Systems’ Integrating Sphere SR-300N for VIS-NIR bands
  • Optical Chopper included
  • Various frequencies are available

Spectral band

  • Typically:  1.3 - 14.3 μm for IR
  • Optional:   0.4 - 1.3 um for VIS-NIR bands
  • Other sub-ranges are available upon request

Spectral resolution

~ 2% of wavelength
F# 2


  • Controlled by CI Systems' CTE software Suite (CI Systems’ Test Executive)
  • Computer included,  Windows 10 OS

Operating voltage

100-240 VAC 50/60Hz (must be defined prior to order)
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