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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Remote Sensing

CI Systems has been producing and selling infrared radiometric and spectroradiometric products since 1981 for Remote Sensing applications.

This instrumentation is useful to measure self-emission of objects as function of wavelenegth or time in calibrated radiometric units.

The wavelength dependent information is obtained in CI's models by using interference filtering technology, providing full spectral information through Circular Variable Filters or at a number of wavelengths through discrete filters.

Remote Sensing Products:


SR-5000N Spectroradiometer

The SR 5000N is a high end, top-of-the-line spectroradiometer allowing advanced work in object characterization through radiometrically calibrated infrared spectral signatures. CI Systems provides the complete solution to the spectral IR signature applications by offering also the calibration equipment needed to achieve the relevant data.


CI Systems' single channel and multiple parallel optical channel radiometers provide simultaneous information at different wavelengths. They are cost effective solutions for more specialized applications and for time varying phenomena.

Atmospheric Transmission Measurement System

The Atmospheric Transmission Measurement system is designed to provide spectral measurements of atmospheric transmissions up to a distance of 6 km. The spectral measurements are taken in the range of 0.4 – 14.0 μm utilizing a SR-5000N spectroradiometer and a source. The unit is portable and may be deployed on a tripod in a laboratory or in the field.


MetCam is a fully integrated unit capable of autonomously detecting methane and natural gas clouds that exceed hazardous levels and produce warnings.

MetCam is further capable of detecting small emissions, for routine preventive maintenance operations, and serves as a situational awareness camera.


Technologies and Expertise of CI Systems in Remote Sensing

  • Infrared spectroradiometric measurements
  • Infrared radiometric and spectroradiometric calibrations
  • Performance modeling of IR measuring systems
  • Spectral atmospheric transmittance measurements
  • Special radiometric setups and measurement methods
  • Spectral imagers development (interferometric and filter based)
  • Spectral imaging measurements and calibrations


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