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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Advanced Weapon Optical Boresight System (O-AWBS)

The O-AWBS is an Optical Boresight system for accurately aligning guns and sights.

The O-AWBS utilizes an optical system to allow a user to align a weapon to a sight.

The O-AWBS provides an accurate, fast and reliable tool for boresighting, yielding a high first round

hit probability.

It’s rugged design retains the accuracy of the O-AWBS over a wide range of environmental

conditions makes it the perfect solution for boresighting.

  • High resolution optics

  • Field Adjustable reticle

  • Fits various gun diameters with interchangeable rods

  • Adapted to field conditions


  • Customer may use his own gun interface




Eyepiece Diopter Range

± 5 dioptres

Bore diameter

adjustable to any diameter


 > 95%

Telescope magnification

9.2 x

Field of View


Exit pupil diameter

2.5 mm

Adjustment of optical system

Distance range

500 m to

Reticle thickness

0.1 mrad

Dimensions and weight for the Boresight telescope (*)


Dimensions: Length x Width x height

127 mm x 88 mm x 52 mm


300 gram

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