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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Spectral Radiance Model for Gas Imaging in the Field

CI Systems  specializes  in the design and production of gas imagers for the defense and security markets. The gas imagers are based on CI Systems' standard and exclusive building blocks. One of them is the Circular Variable Filter(CVF).

This instrument continuously samples a wide infrared spectral range, thus enabling identification of gases having a spectral signature in the IR range.The CVF allows superior system's accuracy and robustness.

CI Systems has been designing infrared spectroradiometers for remote sensing of atmosphere, objects’ spectral signatures and ground truth measurements for over than 30 yers. During the years CI Systems has become the world expert in quantitative infrared measurements, including the most sensitive and accurate infrared detection and calibration techniques.

CI Systems Expertise

  • Rugged spectral discrimination
  • Infrared spectroradiometry
  • Radiometric calibrations
  • Performance modeling of IR  signatures 

Spectral cameras have to be designed right to achieve the right balance between technical and commercial requirements. Please contact us for more information.

 A spectral Camera Makes all the Difference

Choosing a Gas spectral Imager