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Background Discrimination Radiometer

The BDR provides clear IR contrast of moving targets in air-to-air, ground-to-air and air-to-sea scenarios.


  • Wide field of view in all spectral channels
  •  Ideal for tracking moving targets
  • Exceptional flatness of field and sensitivity
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System Dynamic Range

>105 (with InSb Detector)

Frequency response

DC coupled: 1 100 Hz (synchronous detection mode)

AC coupled: up to 20 KHz in transient mode (1 Hz AC coupled)

Analog detector output: up to 100 KHz (1 Hz AC coupled)

Minimal Detecatable Irradiance Difference (MDID)

< 2x10-10 watts / cm2

FOV (instantaneous)

25 mrad

Filter Wheel

Motorized - settable rotation rate between zero and 2 rev/sec. Provision is made for fitting 12 filters


On-line nonparallex boresighting telescope


Single focus on infinity

Chopping Rate

25 300 Hz

Control and Data processsing

The BDR interfaces a desktop PC for both control and data processing

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