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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing


Precise Calibration Kit - Extended Area Blackbodies

The CK800R is used for precise calibration of CI’s Extended area blackbodies. It achieves outstanding results by using the most advanced thermally stable electronic circuitry. Temperature data of either the emitter, targets or the difference between them is digitally displayed. The CK800R includes a digital thermometer, PRT, CI’s automatic calibration software, calibration certificate and NIST traceability documentation.

  • Automatic Blackbody Calibration
  • RS232 communication
  • 0.001°C digital thermometer
  • NIST traceable

Temp. Displays

Digital display of emitter, target plate of their

difference in C°, K°, F° and resistance of PRT



Temp. range

-60°C to +180°C

Absolute calibration accuracy traceble to NIST

± 0.004°C @ -60°C

± 0.006°C @ 0°C

± 0.009°C @ 100°C

± 0.012°C @ 180°C

Long term drift

Typical ±0.020°C per year

Measurement current

1 mA

Ambient operating Temperature Range

0°C to +60°C

Storage Temp. Range

-40°C to +85°C

Relative humidity

0 to 95%  noncondensing

Power supply

230/115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 75 Watts

Dimensions (HxWxD)

115x190x285 mm


Approximately 2.5 Kg (17.6 Lb)

Recalibration interval for NIST traceability

12 months



1. Temperature accuracy specification do not include sensor accuracy.

2. The uncertainty of the sensor is ±0.035°C.

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