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Depot Level Laser Tester

A depot-level laser test station, the DLT tests all the parameters of laser range finders and laser designators, including: energy, pulse width, PRF, divergence, multiple range simulation, receiver sensitivity, and more.

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  • Wide spectral band
  • Wide dynamic range User friendly software
  • Ambient temperature compensated
  • User friendly software
Pulse energy   1mJ to 500mJ, ±5% accuracy
Minimum detected pulse widt  4 nsec ±1ns accuracy
Temporal properties  Pulse width, coding, PRF, period & missing pulses
Beam divergence  0.1 to 3 mrad, 10µrad accuracy
Receiver sensitivity Yes
Spectral range 1064nm, 1.54mm & 1.57mm
Range simulation Continuous range simulation from 200m to 30Km in 5m steps
System clear aperture 7” dia
Maximum reflected energy back to the UUT 1x10-5 % of the laser energy
Power 220/115 VAC 50/60 Hz
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