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CI Systems' Missile Signal Simulator – Short Wave Infra-Red is a compact hand-held electro-optical simulator.
The MSS-SWIR enable the operator to test the readiness and performance as a routine test or close to take off as well as in the lab.




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  • Portable, compact and lightweight
  • Fast and easy to operate
  • Operates under field conditions
  • Removable MicroSD card
  • RS232/USB computer interface for maintenance
  • UV, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR bands
  • User-friendly software
  • Independent profiles for each band
Wavelength Range

265 ±5nm other wavelengths optional

Illumination Field

 Vertical : 10º ±1º

Horizontal : 10º ±1º

Maximum Radiant Intensity

4.0E-02 W/str

Dynamic Range

 10 bit

Emission Linearity

 > 95%

Temporal Resolution

5-50 msec

Number of Profile Data Files  Internal memory (Ele. Card) -10 Profiles, Each profile length 1-10 sec (Depending on Temporal Resolution) External memory (SD Card) -10 Profiles, Each profile length 50 sec
Aiming Device  Rifle Scope (Focused at 10 to 30 m) / Iron Sight


>1 mrad between Rifle Scope / Iron Sight to OUTPUT radiation


Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7 VDC / 5.2 Ah

Good for 200 full Length, max radiance profile

External ND Filter (Optional For different signature ranges)


External Micro SD Card

8 GB

Remote Operation


Display Interface

OLED Display 0.96" Diagonal Size

PC Interface

RS-232 / USB Adaptor

Tripod Interface

Standard¼ " - 20 UNC thread

Weight [kg]


Laser Pointer


Dimensions [cm]

29 x 7 x 20 (H x W x L)

Operating Temperature

-10º C to +55º C

Storage Temperature

-40º C to +71º C

Environmental Condition

Rain, humidity, shock, sand, dust, transportation vibration


Windows compatible software for operation and uploading profiles into unit.

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