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Infrared Threat Simulators – Laser based (IRTS-L)

The IRTS-L is a laser based modular, fully integrated, long-range electro-optical missile approach threat simulator for testing missile approach warning systems and training air crews in the operation of these systems.

The IRTS-L simulates the IR radiation profile of an approaching missile and is available as a single or dual wavelength MWIR system.

The IRTS-L is an addition to CI's line of long-range threat simulators that include broadband MWIR, SWIR and UVC versions along with multiple short-range testers.

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  • Built-in optical zoom CCD and optional FLIR for target acquisition and tracking
  • Integrated LRF and video tracker
  • Software for building and executing parametric simulations
  • Exceptional flatness of field of the radiating unit
  • Easily deployable – fully integrated and ergonomic operator’s station
  • Configurable joystick for field operation
  • Highly modular design, each sub-unit packed in its separate purged housing with high repeatability mechanical interfaces

  • Designed for field use

  • Factory boresight of all optical units, test and calibration support equipment available from CI




Laser Beam Divergence (deg)

34 H x 14 V (mrad)

 Other FOV available upon request

Wavelength range

MWIR “Red” and “Blue”

 Typical waveband of 100 nm

Max Radiant Intensity

1.5 KWatt/str


Power Resolution



Output window diameter

25.4 (mm) 


Pulse Width

200 (nsec)


Pulse Repetition Rate)

2 (MHz) Power Modulation 5

5 (KHz) Signal Modulation





LRF Range

Up to 8 Km

Wavelength 1550 nm

LRF Beam Divergence

0.4 x 0.7 mrad

 Class 1 Eye safe



Continuous optical zoom, auto-focus,


Motorized Pedestal Range

Azimuth : ±102°

Elevation: - 20° to + 60°


Motorized Pedestal Velocity

Azimuth: > 30°/sec

Elevation: > 10°/sec


  • Support equipment for Boresight testing, GPS time stamping, Data backup
  • Integration of customer furnished FLIR
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