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Setting New Standards In Electro-Optical Testing

Infrared Threat Simulators (IRTS)

The IRTS is a medium to long-range electro-optical missile threat simulator for testing missile approach warning systems and training crew in the operation of these systems. It simulates the IR radiation profile of an approaching missile, based on input parameters such as: missile signature, atmospheric conditions, missile speed, missile range and more.The IRTS  is available as MWIR broadband or spectral selective source for testing MWIR single-band or newer generation dual-band MWS systems.


Enhancements to the basic system include

  • The ability to synchronize between several IRTS’s to create a true "Missile-Field" simulation.
  • The ability to install and operate the IRTS-II from a moving platform (land or sea) to enable testing and training of fixed wing platforms.
  • Optional integrated radiometers to measure the IR countermeasure performance of the threatened platform.
  • Optional motorized pedestal with video tracker.
  • Multiple units working in sync to increase simulation range.
  • Fully computer-controlled including operation from a host PC
  • Simulation of fast phenomena (eject and boost)
  • Customized missile profiles
  • Withstands field environmental conditions
  • Rugged and reliable



Beam Divergence (deg)


Wavelength range

Broadband (in relevant bands from MWIR)

On-Axis Radiant Intensity

Broadband configuration. Will be provided per request.

IR rise/fall time (msec)

< 15

Stand off range (m)

500 - 5,000 

Single engagement dynamic range


Warm-up tim (min)

< 10


10 - 40°C, no direct rain or snow

Weight (kg)


Clear aperture diameter (cm)


  • Integrated Radiometer - 1 to 4 spectral channels in the MWIR
  • Motorized pedestal with video tracker
  • Dual / Single color configurations
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