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SWIR Threat Simulators(SWTS)

The SWTS is a short to long-range electro-optical signature simulator for testing missile approach warning systems and training crew in the operation of these systems. It simulates the SWIR profile of an approaching missile, based on input parameters such as: engine's signature, atmospheric conditions, speed, distance and more.



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  • The ability to synchronize between several SWTS , UVTS and IRTS to create a true multispectral simulation
  • The ability to install and operate the SWTS from a moving platform (land or sea) to enable testing and training of fixed wing platforms and ground vehicles
  • Optional integrated radiometers to measure the UV/SWIR/IR countermeasure performance of the threatened platform
  • Optional motorized pedestal with video tracker
  • Multiple units working in sync to increase simulation range
  • Manual operation (push buttons)
  • Simulation of fast phenomena (eject and boost)
  • Customized missile profi les
  • Withstands fi eld environmental condition
  • Installation by single operator
  • Rugged and reliable


CWL: 1550nm, BW: ± 50nm

Temporal Resolution


Intensity levels


Beam Shape

Circular: 10°


Accepts shorts, medium & long distance profi les and custom test waveforms.Maximum duration of any profi le is 15 seconds, Up to 11 profi les selectable via pushbutton control or wireless remote control

Sequence operating mode

Manual, repeat, remote and test modes

User Interface

Pushbutton with LCD

Tripod Interface

1/4" and 3/8" screw interface


Windows compatible software for unit management


23 Ibs. (15 Kg)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

17.7 in.x14.7in.x2.75in.

45cm x 37.5cm x 7cm


Waterproof: IP 66

Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C.

Storage: -40° to +80°C. Up to 95% Relative humidity


  • Profile generation software
  • Alignment viewfinder
  • Direct sun protection hood
  • Pelican carrying case
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